Automatic Payments are Here!

Creating an online account is not just for automatic payments!

  • See your current balance.
  • See your usage history.
  • Easy one-time payments.
  • Link your utility accounts and avoid extra fees with online payments.
  • No sign-up fee.

The service fee schedule for AutoPay transactions is $2.75 for credit cards up to $500.00, 2.75% of the total balance after that, and $1.50 for eCheck transactions.

Auto-Pay Specific Q&A:

  • AutoPay runs on the 9th of each month at starting 2 P.M. CST.
  • All new AutoPay accounts will take 48 hours to activate. If you set up your account in the 48 hours prior to the 9th your payment will not be drawn. Please call the NexBill payment line at 844-203-9410 or City Hall at 785-485-2802 to ensure your payment is made.
  • You will receive reminder emails 2 days prior and the day of that state the amount that will be drawing.
  • Automatic payments can be stopped any time before the 9th by going to your account.
  • Payments made with a card will appear immediately, ACH will take 2-3 business days to show in your bank account, they will be applied immediately.

All Utility Payment Options:

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