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Riley Community Building

Riley Community Building

We’ve heard you citizens of Riley!!  So many people over so many years have approached past and current members of city council and the one request that has always been steady was “We want a community building!”

A community building can be a cornerstone of a small community, and with the vibrant community we have here, there is no reason for us to not have one. Through a series of city planning sessions the idea eventually lead to the formation of the Rural Riley County Community Foundation with a special fund and board designated specifically for a new community building for the City of Riley.  At this point the City itself is not involved in the planning, development, building, or funding of the construction of this building when it becomes a reality.  This is now an entirely citizen led initiative, and we look forward to what they envision and build for our community.  Your generosity and donations to this fund can truly help to make this all a reality.

To find out more about this please visit the Facebook page for the Riley Community Building in the contact section below, and while you are at it browse around the RRCCF page as well

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