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Private Service Line Inventory round 2

We have divided the town into sections, and have sent out the surveys for the next portion of town. Please refer to the deadline in the letter you received to determine if you are still eligible for the credit.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced changes to drinking water regulations that require all water supplies to identify all materials used in the construction of water distribution systems. The goal of these changes is to identify and remove all lead pipes in the drinking water system. They require information from the public (city) side and the privately owned side, which means we need your help!

We are required to submit this information to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) before October 16, 2024. If the required information cannot be gathered from the homeowner, KDHE may require the water supplier (the city) to excavate private lines (on your property) to identify them. To avoid potential property digging we ask that you complete the survey as soon as possible.

The city is offering a $5 discount on your utility bill for surveys returned prior to March 15th. This offer can also be redeemed by allowing a member of the public works department to assist you in identifying pipes within your home during business hours.

We are encouraging you to submit photos with your returned survey, so we are able to verify materials used. These can be attached to the survey below or emailed to

All water service customers MUST complete a survey per meter (if you have two bills, you’ll have two surveys) by:

  • Completing the online survey below
  • Calling our office at 785-485-2802 to schedule a time during business hours for a member of the Public Works department to come and assist you.
  • Calling our office at 785-485-2802 to complete it over the phone.
  • Completing and returning a paper survey by mail or by dropping off at City Hall – we are mailing these out a section of town at a time.

Additional information on the Lead and Copper Rule and identifying lead pipes and plumbing can be found on the KDHE website at: Or at the EPA website at:


Direct link to PDF showing types of pipes and testing methods.

Lead and Copper Line Inventory Survey
Service Line Material (water line from the meter to the house)
Service Line Size (inches)
Primary Plumbing Material (material used indoors)
Secondary Plumbing Material (material used indoors)
Has your property had a major renovation or plumbing replacement since it was built?
Do you Rent or Own?
Do you have a Water Softener, Filter, or other treatment?
Not required, but helpful if you are unsure about specific details
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